Sport Combine Announces Impactful Partnership with Hivemind Sport Solutions

[Paris, 21/08/2023] – Sport Combine, an innovative sports recruitment platform, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Hivemind Sport Solutions, an impact-driven professional services company dedicated to fostering the growth of ethical sport. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in both organizations’ commitment to advancing the sports industry while prioritizing ethical practices and positive social impact.

Hivemind Sport Solutions specializes in providing a wide range of services aimed at promoting sustainable and inclusive sports practices. Their expertise extends to areas such as athletes, coaches and teams success but also diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and community engagement. By aligning with Hivemind Sport Solutions, Sport Combine further reinforces its mission to empower athletes and teams by connecting them through a comprehensive platform while upholding strong ethical values.

Through this partnership, Sport Combine will gain valuable insights and expert guidance from Hivemind Sport Solutions, enabling the platform to continuously evolve and incorporate industry-leading practices. The collaboration will focus on enhancing the sports ecosystem, promoting fair play, and creating opportunities for athletes and teams to thrive in a supportive environment.

With this partnership, Sport Combine also becomes the Official Combine Testing Partner for HiveMind events and programs. HiveMind athletes and coaches the world over will benefit from an integrated testing pathway which will provide valid data and sound practices. Planning is already underway for Sport Combine participation at various HiveMind events in Europe and beyond later this year. Furthermore, by integrating Sport Combine event participation with HiveMind’s leading array of support programs, more athletes will gain access to a suite of expert support services via the HiveMind Player Pass program.

“At Sport Combine, we are committed to fostering a sports community that not only celebrates talent and achievement but also prioritizes ethics and inclusivity,” said Julien Sardin, Co-Founder of Sport Combine. “By joining forces with Hivemind Sport Solutions, we are taking a definitive step towards creating a positive impact in the sports industry and empowering athletes and teams to reach their fullest potential.”

Hivemind Sport Solutions, known for its expertise in driving positive change in the sports landscape, is equally excited about the partnership. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Sport Combine, a platform that shares our vision of ethical sport development,” said David Petroziello, CEO of Hivemind Sport Solutions. “Together, we aim to champion integrity and inclusivity within sports, creating an environment where athletes and teams can thrive and excel.”

About Sport Combine:

Sport Combine is a cutting-edge sports recruitment platform that connects athletes and teams from around the world. With a focus on talent, diversity, and efficiency, Sport Combine empowers athletes to showcase their skills and find opportunities that align with their goals. The platform serves as a bridge between athletes and teams, facilitating seamless interactions and fostering growth within the sports community.

About Hivemind Sport Solutions:

Hivemind Sport Solutions is an impact-driven professional services company dedicated to supporting the development of ethical sport. Through expert consultancy, the organization works with sports entities to create sustainable and inclusive practices that prioritize athlete success, diversity, and community engagement. Hivemind Sport Solutions is committed to making a positive social impact within the sports industry.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Julien Sardin
Co-Founder of Sport Combine


David Petroziello
Founder & CEO of Hivemind Sport Solutions
+1 (581) 447-6444

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